I am empowered to rise above any and all small thinking today.

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A small, insignificant life is the product of small, unimportant thoughts that are the product of small, unexceptional inner pictures. By fearlessly embracing the largest vision that you can for your true self and for your best possible life, you liberate yourself from being stuck in a third-rate mindset of prolonged toleration for the average and the ordinary. Someone you know who can’t see a bigger picture may tell you that something can’t be done simply because, in their sight, it’s a small world after all. Love and appreciate them for whom they are, but ignore their little words and little ideas, because you are being enlarged by what you are able to see.

Book available @ www.churchinthenow.org

Other books by Bishop Jim Swilley @ www.bloginthenow.wordpress.com

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2 Responses to “I am empowered to rise above any and all small thinking today.”

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And what you are able to see is enlarged by the increased amount of light illuminating your path.
I love that you said: “Love and appreciate them for whom they are…” because so many feel that you have to alienate yourself from those whose perspective is not quite as broad as their own. I believe by lighting a lamp for someone else, you illuminate your own path as well. Certainly do not allow your vision to be reduced by someone elses small thinking. Instead, help enlarge their capacity for a bigger vision and in the process of helping others, our capacity is increased as well.

The internet is great, but somehow, hardcopies of this book needs to be circulated to the masses.


When our vision and potential realities are larger than the life we currently abide in, then we know that GOD is on the move. God does not allow HIS seers to stay where it is comfortable, for even when we are living one dynamic, we KNOW in our spirit that something greater is to come. It is simply a matter of trying to tap into the bigger picture and drawing that into our present to create what has always bee within us. Small minds desire for us to either get down on their level or remain where we are just so that “they” can feel more comfortable with themselves. As Christ stated, sometimes we just have to kick the dust off our feet and walk away into the greater dimensions; the Holy Spirit will guide and usher us into the place and GOD will be there waiting with open arms when we arrive. Yet and still, this is not a place of rest, but a chance to receive our next assignment! We go from “glory to glory”… its all about the transitions that take place first through transformations of the mind

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