The Sky’s the Limit

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It’s been said that you can never expect a 16×20 idea to fit into a 3×5 mind. If you are a seer or visionary, there will always be the small-minded ones around you who will oppose you, simply because people generally fight what they don’t understand. See past them. Do not allow yourself to be infected by their stunted mindset. You are not obligated to go along with the thinking of everyone else. You can rise above the mental limitations of others and distance yourself from them. You may have to be willing to enter a season of loneliness because of it, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. You can change your life by changing the way you see things.

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One Response to “The Sky’s the Limit”

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The sky really is the limit, Bishop and I am a visionary and seer and I am willing to lonely sometimes but I am good with it since I do like the skin I am in. When using the verbage “stunted minds”, I think of those with religious spirits trying to box you in. Thank God you taught us about the chickens and eagles and I know that I am an eagle. Thanks for the Life Skills lesson on how to overcome rejection. It really sounded like new material, something to be chewed on over a period of time for proper digestion.

love, Yvonne

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