Get the Picture?

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That powerful and dominant belief system or mindset which is your philosophy of life, or world view, is basically just a collage of internal pictures that you have collected throughout your personal history. Some of these internal pictures are facsimiles of real things that you have seen externally, and others are images that have been painted on the canvas of your mind through thoughts, words and suggestions. There are pictures in this collage of yourself, and of the components of the world around you, some of which are actual and authentic, others of which are more smoke and mirrors than real images of a viable reality.

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One Response to “Get the Picture?”

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Sometimes we are too sentimental where these “old” pictures are concerned. But, some are just plain irrelevant or obsolete. If something doesn’t quite fit or is not working any longer, delete the picture from your files–change the way you think. You will not have a gap where the old picture was; there will be a more current one to take its place.
Enjoy your new and improved world-view while you have it. It won’t be long before it’s time to update the files once more.


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