Optical Illusions

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The fundamental convictions that you hold about your own identity, value, or worth as an individual, which are realistic but positive, are generally valid. But the beliefs that you maintain which produce negative inner pictures very probably result from your own self-imposed, internal optical illusions.

Very few people in life ever really hold a completely accurate picture of themselves in their own minds. We tend to believe what others tell us about ourselves, either verbally or subliminally, and, therefore, live out a good part of our time using information that has been obtained by the observance of a wrong, mental self-portrait.

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One Response to “Optical Illusions”

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That’s exactly right. One of the hardest things to do is to break through the mangled web of opinion, culture, tradition, and beliefs that have been pounded into our psyche, pervaded our memory, and adopted as a definition of who we are.
Real conversion and lasting transformation comes from the reallization that we are not those things. But instead, are God-infused physical manifestations of pure Source energy. A valuable, purposeful, creative asset not only friends and family, but the World as well. Seeing ourselves as those attributes through the eyes of the same Source that also infuses every atom of our being seems paradoxical, but is essential in transmutting the inner picture we hold of ourselves from illusion to real.

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