The Earth is Round, After All!

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The earth is round, but to the people of the ancient world it was flat, even after Christopher Columbus returned from the Americas on the other side of the globe. The false perception of the earth’s flatness did not change the fact that the earth is and always has been round, but the fact of its roundness did not change the world’s collective perception that it was flat. The reality and the perceived reality continued to coexist for another generation after Columbus. In the same way, there are things you believe about your world that are undeniably and universally true, and there are things you believe that are only true in your own mind.

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2 Responses to “The Earth is Round, After All!”

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Those on the Outside looking in do not necessarily possess the ability to SEE what is on the inside. For instance, If a person is in a house looking out the window, they can see what what is happening outside that particular window. Yet, someone standing outside the window of a persons’ house can only rightly assess what they see in that ONE ROOM, should they happen to be looking into that window. Still, The house is far bigger than the ONE room which the person is peering into from the outside, so the “outsider” does not have a real / right perception of the true size and dimensions of that house, UNLESS they knock on the door and ask the owner if they can come in to take a look around. Selah…

I don’t care what you say I can “see” the end of it……LOL :)’

There is an old Chinese proverb that says “he who fully deliberates before taking a step, will spend the rest of his life on one leg”

I could stair at the cover picture for hours. I have some old drawings that I did that look very similar. I like abstract art.


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