I Dare You!

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Conventional wisdom says that seeing is believing, but, in fact, believing is seeing. When you begin to see what you already have inside you, you can really start to believe in yourself from the depths of your being. You were designed for success, so you have been equipped with the skills to live your life successfully. Instead of allowing yourself to give in to artificial thoughts of inadequacy that can cause you to feel overwhelmed by your problems, begin to see yourself as a capable individual who is inventive enough to create imaginative solutions to those problems. Dig down deep until you discover that vision, then doggedly hold to it.

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2 Responses to “I Dare You!”

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AMEN…AMEN…AMEN!!!!!! If we do not believe it enough to hold onto it, then we are unable to sell others on our dream. We have to believe it and see it BIG ENOUGH within ourselves until it is bursting from the inside out, and even if nobody else is willing to get on board with us, we still REFUSE give up when we KNOW THAT WE KNOW that it has to be a GOD- Inspired IDEA, Dream, or Vision because it is TOO LARGE for us to conceive it or birth it alone! Write the vision and make it plain upon tablets (the tables of our hearts) so that we not only have a point of reference, but even when we are unable to speak a word, the vision will run forwards out before us, we then run to catch up with it, and others may be curious enough to run with us just to see where we are headed! This is an AHA! moment…. from Inspiration to Revelation, Motivation, Dedication, and finally MANIFESTATION.

Perception is a grand word. It is representative of the type flexibility needed for healthy growth toward our taking on the image of Christ.

Recent observations have enabled my vision to focus on a beautiful horizon with an exceptionally glorious sunrise that seems to be transitioning into the light of a day that is different from any other of the past. Here perception will change doubt into belief through desires for understanding fulfilled.

Those darker days where humans have manipulated each other with words intended to cause the weaker humans to percieve the self appointed procurators of those words to be empowered by some mystical ability to be worshiped are already swallowed up in the yester world. There is a revelation of divine love that exists as energy both within and outside of all creation that is now evidenced as tangible matter, something that was only viewed as perception by optimistic humans of the yester.

There is data gathered by recent study in this new day that tells the fact seekers that there is most likely no limit to the universe. It has been taught as plausible theory that our universe is about fourteen billion light years in size in the yester but today via hubble telescope it is believed to exceed seventy eight billion light years. This opens the door to understand other not yet observable but evidently present energies as also being without limits thus revealing the creative force behind all this as being without limit. We have percieved this about our Creator and written about it in our poems and even asserted it by faith to be fact in the yester but in our new day it is experienced as fact by the senses of our evolving intellect that includes a tangible sixth sense in the form of intelligent machines.

These new findings in our searchings are more shattering to the religious who hold to their superstitions than the days of yester when the earth was proven not to be flat. They will either take on more of the image of Christ or they will be left behind as the lovers of God are raptured from their tortures into glorious light.

This is indeed a most beautiful room.

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