Created To Create!

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man_on_beach_praising_god_The Creator brilliantly designed you with both the desire and the ability to unveil and reveal His nature within yourself through a continual process of self-discovery, and every new day is filled with fresh opportunities for you to do just that. You can’t afford to allow yourself to be so blinded by your own perceived fear of the potential for incompetence that you begin to doubt your credentials as a creator in your own right. That blindness so colors your perception of believability that it renders you unable to recognize God within yourself, and so you miss the beauty of the process because you don’t trust your own God-given creativity.

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6 Responses to “Created To Create!”

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Beautiful and as always, right on.
I’m glad you didn’t use the term “Co-creator”. I’m not saying that is wrong or faulting someone else for saying it; it’s just I believe the ultimate Creator has so infused us with the ability to create on our own that sharing the process with Him is unnecessary. Our inherent creative attributes, which manifest up from deep within our unconscious, when used for the greater good of humanity, brings honor to the Creator in a way that sharing the credit never could.
If we are to describe ourselves as anything other than “creators”, maybe we should consider pro-creators (not limited to the physical sense) instead of co-creators.


Is there anybody else out there??

Yes we have not only been created to create but also to extend those eternal attributes of God; His love, peace, wholeness, and truth and until you are able to perceive the God in your brother or sister you will never be able to recognize it fully in yourself. You must be able to know that God perceives both you and your brother as perfect, complete, glorious beings and He joys in our creation, but without knowing that truth in your brother you can never fully recognize it in yourself.

Hello PM. I love what you said about the infusing from God. I like to think of it as extension because I believe that eternal things cannot be created again so I see it as taking what was, making it mine, and sending or extending it to everyone.


You got the yo-yo? (I got the string!)

Centurion and also …without knowing that truth in yourself -you can never fully recognize it in your brother…

Tracy, I’m glad to see your name appearing on the blog(s) again! Hope to see you and David soon. peace…

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