Yes, You Can!

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Free your mind, open the eyes of your heart, and prepare to change your life for the better. You can be happy. You can succeed. You can stop second guessing your life-choices, living in regret, or blaming others. You can break all the limitations of your own mind and tap into an inner power that will enable you to do things that you never thought you could do before. And you can do it all by simply choosing to change your viewpoint and perception of the things pertaining to your life. As you begin to realize personal transformation, let these words take on new meaning for you: I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see!

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6 Responses to “Yes, You Can!”

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Love the picture. I’ve done that a few times. It is amazing how I can find things that were percieved to be lost by simply changing my mental perspective. I can’t count the number of times that my keys were misplaced from where they were routinely kept. In earlier years when things like that happened it would spaz me out and usually cost a sense of time loss in the hunt for them. Learning to relax and visualize where they are most likely to be based on retracing my steps was a helpful evolution of thought but it has been in later development that I have learned not to misplace them to begin with and when it does occassionaly happen now it is resolved without any sense of loss. My early approach was kind of like this; help me Jesus help me help me Jesus please please help me Jesus OH MY GOD want you please help me find my keys! Now it more like thank you Lord for helping me to not lose my keys.


Ahh…yes you can. When you begin to perceive the eternal you begin to let go of those things that are irreconcilable with the eternal such as time, or you focus on the eternal thing called love and lose fear. It is important to have something to refocus your perception on because if you do not you will return to that paradigm you were trying to leave behind. In the eternal you is me, I am you, we are they, he is she, and I am it. You begin to reinforce the oneness that is our state of being. You realize that the feeling of being lost is not truth(another eternal state of being) and that you have always been found; have always seen and begin to live and move in the reality that God sees you as having always been in.

Chug a chug a ……chug a chug a…..I think I can I think I can………WAIT A MINUTE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Gotta love it……….so simple, yet….

Northern Light

Freeing my mind, opening the eyes of my heart more each moment. My perception of One Body expands. All of Creation is connected in time and space. All time is Now , All space is Here. Alpha and Omega have always been home, here, now. The last and first, The Lion and The Lamb, The Wheat and The Chaff of me, The Body, Creation exists affluently together. All are found, All do See.

We are All One, and We are all unique, independent and unified, specific Creations, each one individual expressions and manifestation of Love, of God while All together The Lovely and Wonderful completeness.

God sees a different perception through everyone of Us, and We all see together from God’s eyes. We see and are seen, We find and have been found, and all from the foundation and to the tip of the spire; into every fractal cohort. Seeing every view from every angle of Creation, while seeing Creation from every view simultaneously.

All is within reach, every transformation, with every click of the tumbler in the combination, of every combination. The multidimensional tumblers, every expression fills the canvas, enhances the expression.

Believe Creation is better than the best we imagine.

This excerpt could be published everyday–everywhere. The way it is composed leaves no room for wondering. It says it all. Beautiful!

I totally understand where you are coming from.
Worry and time have an inverse relationship. The more you have of one, the less you have of the other. But as you proved by “seeing” the key thing differently, both are suspended when you live in the Now.

Peace to All,

Yes, simple, but true!

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