Today I will expect good things to happen to me!

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Anything is possible!

Hope is the effectual combination of expectation and desire. Literally, it is the manifestation of a confident and favorable expectation in your life. To create an atmosphere of hopeful expectancy each day that you live is to prepare yourself for miracles. Hope is attractive and, on some level, you only get what you expect to get out of your circumstances. The sheer power of expectation causes things to move toward you, and the force of your desire dictates many of the events that occur around you. It could be argued that you really do have what you want in life and that if you wanted more you would have more. It just may be as simple as that.

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5 Responses to “Today I will expect good things to happen to me!”

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I love today’s entry.

To me, this is a picnic day. A summer breeze blew his mom’s favorite gingham tablecloth just over that hill and scattered caramel corn for birds and ants. The boy went to retrieve its container & momentarily let go of his kite string.

“Papa, pick me up, so I can get a better look!”

Saturday I met someone at a seminar and God made a “connection”, putting us together for nary 5 minutes. Yesterday this connection called me and another 5 minute (or a few more) conversation may change the futility of an employment search and get me into what I deem to be “almost perfect” (hesitant to use that P word ever) placement for me and my talents. I HOPE to hear back, I EXPECT to hear back and I AM READY ~

Hope…………I love hope !

Northern Light

Yes…I believe it is as simple as that. Desire, combined with thankful expectation is the perfect recipe for manifestation. I am seeing this more and more everyday.
Great pic, too. The sky is the limit.


Oh…cool new format.


Wow! Good stuff here! As I have shared on some of the blog sites, I am still waiting on a phone call from a certain person. Maybe I should change that to I am EXPECTING a call!

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