There is a great awakening taking place within my thinking today.

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Your mind is capable of experiencing moments of profound insight repeatedly throughout the course of your everyday existence.  An epiphany is such a moment of insight that usually happens once, or very rarely, in someone’s life, and it serves as a significant touchstone or turning point for them.  But having an epiphany is not something that has to be rare or limited to a singular, once-in-a-lifetime experience.  A virtually continual state of renaissance can take place in your thinking if you keep exposing yourself to the stimuli of new information and deliberately enlist yourself into environments that are conducive to inspiration.


Being around creative people on a regular basis is very healthy for your state of mind and can help secure a place for you, mentally and emotionally, where constant revival, rebirth and renewal of your thought processes can occur.  “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” – Proverb 27:17.  Great ideas are often birthed out of invigorating dialogue between people who are on the same page in matters of vision.  Interacting with people who have different paradigms keeps things interesting and keeps you awake, mentally, so that you can be receptive to new concepts and can continue to grow personally.

When you finally begin to realize that your imagination and thought-life are the only things that can limit your possibilities in any way, you will see the importance of always keeping your mind awake and ready for renewal.  Buried deep within you are sleeping powers that can potentially revolutionize your life if they are properly aroused.  A resurgence of visionary thinking can energize every aspect of your life, including the physical.  As any professional athlete will tell you, excelling in competition is infinitely more of a mental thing than it is a physical thing.  Being strong and fit in your mind is ultimately what makes you strong and fit in your body.

Nothing is more empowering day by day than a continual flow of powerful thoughts.  And you have constant access to that flow – a flow that leads to untapped reservoirs of power in your mind that have never even been explored.  You don’t have to ride down the road of life asleep at the wheel.  Visionary thinking can enable you to grow more alert, more awake, and more alive with age as your senses grow sharper and sharper.  When you think correctly, you discover that there is so much more to enjoy and celebrate in the world than you ever imagined or thought possible before.  You can change your life by changing the way you see things.

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6 Responses to “There is a great awakening taking place within my thinking today.”

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I’ve read some pretty revolutionary and insightful treatises on thought and it’s importance, but none any more powerful and poignant than this.
The title and photo evoked an emotional response before I even read the article and there is more clarity and revelation in these paragraphs than are in most complete books on the subject.
I can’t even add a comment. All I can do is say: Amen!


The picture, yes I concur PM. Wasn’t really trying to be funny there but I seem to repeat the term I agree alot.

During the course of my day I read a periodical that reminded me of scientific findings in our modern day that the same spiritual advise given here will prevent premature brain death associated with what was believed to be normal aging.

It is amazing how something as ancient as instruction to renew our mind in Christ can become seen as scientific advancement but then it shoudn’t be should it.

I love those little surges of excitement that come from finding something new that was there all the time.

This is great inspiration Bish, thanks

I haven’t researched this subject, but I wonder if these life-changing events usually happen in the early stages of a person’s life. I suppose it could and does happen at different times for different people, but if it were to happen on a regular basis, it only makes sense that a person would always be excited and expectant and having such an outlook could possibly slow or ward off the aging effect.
The reason I theorize that these life changing events happen in a person’s earlier life is because after it occurs they may feel that they have reached their apex and nothing else can possibly happen to exceed that experience which makes them more susceptible to what most everyone considers the normal process of aging.
But, if there is some hope that those types of events could recur, then the mere excitement of expecting it could cause us to remain young. Let’s face it, no small child appears to age on Christmas eve night. They sparkle with enthusiasm because of the expectation of the next day’s surprises.

That is some seriously good stuff Donald.

I feel younger already.

I think you’re on to something there, Donald…

I have found the true refreshing that comes from stretching my mind with challenges as simple as a memory game on a regular basis. But the ultimate stretch comes with you Bishop pushing us further with each message. I get a renewal each time. I find myself hungry for the next renewal, I am looking for it, stretching to reach it. But the true epiphanies are indeed landmarks which you
measure time from when you experience them. Like the time God called me and named me, “Daughter”, but you showed me taught me what it really meant. The LIGHT Bulb went on and I was awashed in the revelation. Nothing can take that away.

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