Changing Your Life by Changing the Way You See Things

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20-20-visionYou can, in fact, change your life by changing the way that you see things.  It has been theorized that there is no such thing as reality, there is only perception—a premise that can be argued, ad infinitum, by philosophers and physicists, alike.  Whether or not it is actually and completely true, the fact remains that your perception of things really does determine how you think, feel and function every single day of your life.  It is a fact that God is, but it is also a fact that God is to you how you see that He is.


You can determine your own happiness by learning how to properly view and discern the circumstances of your past and present.  By learning how to see yourself correctly, you can become the person you’ve always really wanted to be or, better yet, you can reveal the best “you” that you already are.  You have the ability to choose an attitude and vision for each day with the same confidence and ease that you have when choosing what to have for breakfast in the morning or what clothes to wear for the day.  The more you are able to see how inner sight creates daily realities, the better skilled you will become in using it to your advantage.


Free your mind, open the eyes of your heart and prepare to change your life for the better.  You can be happy. You can succeed.  You can stop second-guessing your life choices, living in regret or blaming others.  You can break all the limitations of your own mind and tap into an inner power that will enable you to do things that you never thought you could do before.  And you can do it all by simply choosing to change your viewpoint and perception of the things pertaining to your life.  As you begin to realize personal transformation, let these words take on new meaning for you: I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see!


[A separate 20/20 VISION Workbook is also available.]

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No Recession on the Inside! (from 20/20 VISION by Bishop Jim Swilley)

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“My thoughts of abundance

will attract prosperity to my life today.”



abundance2Prosperity is an attitude.  Just having some extra money in your pocket, or acquiring more stuff, or obtaining greater financial security, is not necessarily an indication of prosperity.  Even being rich is not the same thing as being prosperous.  Riches and material wealth are external things; prosperity is an innate state of mind.  Riches can be, and often are, transient and impermanent.  Prosperity is a foundational outlook on life and a fixed viewpoint – a way of seeing the world and the availability of its resources — that determines the long-range relationship of wealth to your life.  Prosperity begins on the inside and then manifests on the outside.


Poverty is also an attitude.  Being broke or temporarily without funds can be just a short-lived, seasonal condition, but poverty is a mindset that generally can take a lifetime to acquire and can, likewise, take a lifetime to overcome.  You could be virtually penniless and still not be poor if you knew how to properly see your situation.  You could also win the lottery or receive a huge settlement and never become truly prosperous.  Lottery winners, or people who quickly come into large sums of money and never develop a prosperous outlook and mindset, often lose their money in short order and end up worse off financially than they were before they got the money.


Creative survival that develops into an assured, prosperous mindset comes from knowing how to play the game of give and take with the intention of winning.  It is enjoying the process and staying in the game with an attitude that serves as a magnet for good things.  Both prosperity and poverty are less states of existence than they are states of mind.  They are both learned behaviors and they are both attractive.  A prosperous viewpoint always sees that it’s too early to quit and too late to turn back.  A poverty mentality sees that it’s too late to start and too risky to continue.  The most basic tenet of prosperity is that if you can see it, you can have it.


By practicing the daily discipline of replacing thoughts of lack and insufficiency with a vision of abundance, you can steadily build truth and an inner conviction into the fabric of your being until you cause prosperity and its fruit to become inevitable in your life.  Seeing the possibility of indefinite prosperity will empower you to reshape your future.  Dare to think new and attractive thoughts concerning what you need and what you have.  There is more than enough of what you need to make your dreams come true, and you literally have it all around you.  You have the power to make good things come to you.  You can change your life by changing the way you see things.

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Today I will expect good things to happen to me!

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Anything is possible!

Hope is the effectual combination of expectation and desire. Literally, it is the manifestation of a confident and favorable expectation in your life. To create an atmosphere of hopeful expectancy each day that you live is to prepare yourself for miracles. Hope is attractive and, on some level, you only get what you expect to get out of your circumstances. The sheer power of expectation causes things to move toward you, and the force of your desire dictates many of the events that occur around you. It could be argued that you really do have what you want in life and that if you wanted more you would have more. It just may be as simple as that.

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20/20 VISION available at

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Affirmation I.

All the creativity that I need to have a productive and successful day today is already resident within me.

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Talk It Up!

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Perhaps the most important part of expecting good things to come to you is to talk about good things coming to you. Whatever you regularly and consistently talk about gets stronger in your life, so when you speak your hope and your faith – when you verbalize your optimism – you locate the good things that are swirling all around you in the invisible realm and you invite and order them into your material world. Talk about the happy ending to your story, even when you are in the middle of the worst part of its plotline. Talk about the part of the glass that you see as being half full. Talk about your dreams and visions, because the more you speak of them, the more real they become.

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