Keep Looking Up! (from 20/20 VISION by Bishop Jim Swilley)

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Even if I am the only optimistic person

that I know, I will not compromise

my optimism today.



Optimism as a characteristic is the inclination to hopefulness and confidence.  The individual who exhibits this characteristic is usually someone who was raised in a very secure home environment, surrounded by nurturing and supportive people.  Optimism as a philosophy is the theory that good must ultimately prevail over evil.  The person who subscribes to this philosophy is typically someone who has had a sufficient amount of positive reinforcement to shape within them a particular world view.  But optimism as a lifestyle is something that can be learned, cultivated and perfected in those who are willing to exercise their unique, visionary ability, regardless of how they were raised or what they have experienced.


Optimism is not naïveté.  Those who are naïve are that way simply because they lack the necessary sophistication or required worldliness to utilize any critical ability or analytical insight.  You can, without a doubt, be totally optimistic about life without ever being naïve to the harsh realities of the world around you.  Optimism is not denial, either.  Those who are in denial refuse to acknowledge certain irrefutable truths and are either so out of touch that they can’t see reality or are so fearful of the reality they see that they just ignore it altogether.  When you are fully optimistic, your perception of reality will change but you will still be able to exist and function in the real world.


But remember that you live in an age when it can seem that the majority of people in the world are absolutely prone to be negative and pessimistic.  In some circles today, optimism is considered to be a sign of insensitivity to the plight of oppressed people or an indication of political incorrectness.  Certain intellectuals regard optimism as evidence of limited intelligence, while others think that it is corny or a sign of immaturity.  But the root of the word itself is connected with sight and vision, as is indicated by other similar words such as optical or optometrist.  Optimists are just people who have tapped into the power of positive perception and have chosen to make it work for them.


The point is that you have to maintain your good vision and perception regardless of what anyone else says or thinks of you, even if you are the only optimist that you know!  The world is never going to be perfect, but one thing is for sure – being optimistic will get you a lot closer to perfection in your world than being pessimistic ever can or will, so you must never compromise your optimism.  Continue to believe in and embrace the good, and good will come to you.  “Optimists enrich the present, enhance the future, challenge the improbable and attain the impossible.” – William Arthur Ward.  You can change your life by changing the way you see things.

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Get the Picture?

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That powerful and dominant belief system or mindset which is your philosophy of life, or world view, is basically just a collage of internal pictures that you have collected throughout your personal history. Some of these internal pictures are facsimiles of real things that you have seen externally, and others are images that have been painted on the canvas of your mind through thoughts, words and suggestions. There are pictures in this collage of yourself, and of the components of the world around you, some of which are actual and authentic, others of which are more smoke and mirrors than real images of a viable reality.

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