See and Say (Repost)

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Moses’ twelve spies were commissioned to see something and to say something – to translate the visual into the verbal, so that the others waiting back at the camp could unify themselves around a collective vision. This principle of seeing and saying is something that you practice on a regular basis, either intentionally or unintentionally, and it can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how you use it. The combination of positive visualization and verbalization in your life can be a powerfully transformative force, if you are consistent in your practical application of it. You are what you see that you are. You are what you say that you are.

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Today I will expect good things to happen to me!

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Anything is possible!

Hope is the effectual combination of expectation and desire. Literally, it is the manifestation of a confident and favorable expectation in your life. To create an atmosphere of hopeful expectancy each day that you live is to prepare yourself for miracles. Hope is attractive and, on some level, you only get what you expect to get out of your circumstances. The sheer power of expectation causes things to move toward you, and the force of your desire dictates many of the events that occur around you. It could be argued that you really do have what you want in life and that if you wanted more you would have more. It just may be as simple as that.

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Talk It Up!

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Perhaps the most important part of expecting good things to come to you is to talk about good things coming to you. Whatever you regularly and consistently talk about gets stronger in your life, so when you speak your hope and your faith – when you verbalize your optimism – you locate the good things that are swirling all around you in the invisible realm and you invite and order them into your material world. Talk about the happy ending to your story, even when you are in the middle of the worst part of its plotline. Talk about the part of the glass that you see as being half full. Talk about your dreams and visions, because the more you speak of them, the more real they become.

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